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    Okay I know this is not in the right place but I just wanted to make sure eveyone got a look at it.

    I was at a party saturday night. A friend I havent seen in years was there and we started talking trucks. He asked if I still had my Dodge and I told him no but I had just bought a 73 K5 with factory air, yadda yadda. He said his dad was selling his 75 with factory air and asked how much I had paid for mine. I told him a thousand and he said his dad was asking 3000 for his. His dad is the original owner and it is a cheyenne that has the factory roll bar. He said rust is minimal and that it hasnt been repainted or anything.

    Of course I told him he should get it from his dad he says his old lady won't let him because he already has too many trucks, so I says maybe you need to get a new old lady, we both laughed but she didnt find it very amusing.

    If anyone is interested let me know and I'll get some contact information.

    yea I know Im an @hole when Ive been drinking..........

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