76' K20 CrewCab 3+3 4x4 "Running" $400 (edited)

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by uglychevyZZ4, Sep 3, 2006.

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    First its a runner, so read on!
    I bought this 2 days ago, and have decided to get a dually instead and am taking a small loss on it to get it sold fast before the dually is sold to someone else.

    Its a beater... but just from age and a little rust, but really its 95% strait. Has really lame primer job that isnt coated everywhere, would look killer in any complete primer or any color, even better in camo. all the glass is great except short crack on windshiled at the very far passenger side. interior is actiually great, floor is vinyl so no crappy carpet to deal with. Also has a rare extendable camper bumper.
    • sbc 350, great Q-Jet, Weiand dual plane intake, runs exellent
    • TH350 / np203 (missing speedo cable gear)
    • d44 large hub front / Milemarker hubs
    • 14FF rear
    • new front driveline with Cv at case
    • great tires
    I got it running and its a screamer, Ronn Dunn (4wheelplus.com) heard it run today in case you know him. The engine is a sbc 350 and fires in a split second RUNS GREAT!! , good compression on all 8 holes, NO smoke at all, runs clean, temp never came up past 1/3 of the guage. has a very nice looking and running Q-Jet, or for a little extra I can install a new edelbrock 625 I have here, 2 months old. Engine alone is worth 2x what im asking!

    • it didnt move, added 2 qts of dexIII and it took off, but dipstick tube is wrong and it just drips out fast, and no stick to check it.
    • column shell was broken in a theft attempt, starts with a screwdriver
    • no exhaust pipes, its open manifold
    • radiator is not original, held in by bungee, no shroud
    • will need a little wire fixing, i see a few hanging wires here & there
    • pass front door sags a little when opened, both doors in front have soem rust at lower rocker top. hood bent, has a hole.
    • and little minute crap, but a screamin deal, so cheap im gonna be sick but i must sell fast so o well :doah:
    It was a abandon vehicle sold at a auction with a "Washington State Afidavit of Title" and will get a new title # issued upon registering/tranfer, so it might require a WA-DOT inspection, no biggie, you just need to be legal and have all lights and a horn, and thats if thier cranky.


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    Snap some more pics. Interior and random pictures of body. Thanks..

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