77 chevy shortbed $2300 in oswego N.Y

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by bryguy00b, Jan 15, 2004.

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    - a guy in our club is parting this out, but was selling it for 2300 for the whole thing and probobly would still if someone came along with the $$.

    77 Chevy Full Size short bed

    305 .030 over
    400 Crank
    KB186 pistons
    Molly Rings
    400 Harmonic balancer
    new timing chain/cover
    Comp Extreme 4x4 cam 226/234 dur. 480/498 lift
    Heads-"041" castings K-motion springs, studs pinned, 1.94/1.60 valves, Crane-1.6 stamped rocker arms (increases lift to 512/531)
    Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake
    Edelbrock 600CFM carb
    Petronix "Flame thrower" HEI upgrade
    Accell 8.8 wires
    Dynomax Headers
    **Nothing but Mobil 1 15w-50 synthetic/Lucas additive has been run through this engine-if purchased you NEED to run synthetic oil through it**
    ****This motor with a smaller cam/different carb brought my 75 Vega down the 1/4 mile in low 12's****

    Transmission: SM465 4-speed
    Transfer NP205
    Front Dana 60 out of a dually (has the dublins) 4.10, kingpin style, has steering lift block.
    Rear Axle 14b FF-4.10
    Has 4" suspension lift all the way around.
    +2" shackle lift on the front
    New alternator
    New Starter
    350 Flywheel
    400 Counter weight (needed to run 350 flywheel)
    New shocks all the way around
    Stainless steel extended brake lines
    4-Trail lights mounted inside grill (in front of the radiator)
    Flex fan
    New belts

    Now heres the bad stuff:
    Started on the manual conversion prior to moving here to NY, so the transmission and transfer are not in the truck. Parts needed to finish the conversion are-Clutch/Pressure plate, clutch pedal/master cylinder, slave cylinder, and line.
    Driveshafts are going to need to be sized for the axle swap/manual conversion.
    Truck is NOT street legal, left turn signal, wipers, and gas gauge don't work. Door windows need to be adjusted.
    Needs new body mounts.
    Front axle needs the center link going from knuckle to knuckle. (currently have a 1/2 ton centerlink for transport)

    Believe I've listed everything except the extra transfer (NP203)

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