'78 Blazer fuel line

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    \'78 Blazer fuel line

    Good afternoon, everyone. This is my first visit/post, so please don't kill me if this question has been asked before...

    I'm thinking about buying a 1978 Blazer. It has the 400 c.i. V8 with full-time 4WD. It's cheap -- $300 -- and is pretty ugly. Mechanically, it's supposed to be pretty solid (haven't seen it yet), but it needs a new fuel line (old one leaks) and a new break line. I'm not too worred about the break line, but how bad is replacing the fuel line?

    Also, is there anything I should beware of on this particular model? I'd prefer the 350, but as I said it has the 400. I'm using this truck as a winter vehicle, and for the occasional furniture hauling.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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