8" lift question

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by MaxCrack, May 11, 2001.

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    8\" lift question

    I want to put about 8" of lift on a '75 K5. I have the ORD heavy duty front shackles and the 4" rear shackle flip kit.
    I will be extending the front shocks with the ford towers.
    I will be doing a cross over steering as soon as I get my D60 in a couple months or so and I have most of the parts for that except for the ones that need to be measured after the axle is in place.
    I will also be angling the rear shocks a little to get more range of motion for the D70 which may or may not stay(depending on brake issues).
    I have the longer brakelines and can get custom ones for cheap from a friend if I need extra long ones.
    I also want to move the front axle forward about an inch and a half.
    And I just bought a digital camera for lots of pictures.

    What I want to know is, what springs do you guys think I should get for the front and for the rear?
    Will an 8" set for the front and a 4" set for the rear be the right combination for a level truck?
    Is there anything else I will be needing?

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    Re: 8" lift question

    springs are mostly preference, it depends on what kind of wheeling you do, also keep in mind that with a d60 in front your truck will sit about a 3/4's of an inch higher than with a 44, or 10 bolt. So with 8" springs you'll have a 9" lift. With a flip kit in the back, you'll have to add the ORD 1" add a leaf, or look for a 5" spring. I think BDS has a 5 1/2" rear spring, but I'm not positive. I hope this helps.

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