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    I'm travelling back home to Alberta in three weeks and I have some junk sitting at mom and dad's place that I need to get rid of. I don't have pics, but if its something you can use I'll see if I can ship it instead of tossing it in the trash.

    8 lug Dana 44 in pieces

    8 lug outers with drive flanges, axles, housing and open carrier and gears with 3.73s.

    I bought this axle as a Canadian Military rebuilt unit in a crate thinking to swap the whole thing into my '72, but I ended up just using the carrier and 4.56 gears instead. The carrier and 3.73s are out of my 72 and the axle is disassembled. I'm willing to ship whole or parts from Edmonton, Alberta and toss the rest of it. Has new bearings, ball joints and TREs, but I have no idea how it's been kept the last year. Rotors were surface rusted and calipers looked to be rebuilt and in cardboard boxes, but I didn't ever pull them out.

    I'm very flexible on price and open to trades. I don't think it's worth it to ship the housing and I'm flying, so the big parts (8-lug outers) are too heavy and bulky for the airline. If you can pick up the housing while I'm in town it's yours for $25. I'll ship the outers for $150 plus shippping and packaging costs. Also willing to trade for a drop-in locker for a 12 bolt.

    PM me if you're interested. I want to be very up front about the possibility of this falling through if mom and dad have decided to junk everything or store it in a puddle, but if there's something you want, I'm sure we can figure something out.


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