81 big dooley 30 series wider track dually dana 60 info

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    i found such info from GM about trhe ratios and what models such was availablke for and weight ratings of the axle and all kinds if nayone needs info ? the dana 60 dually pickup axles were definitely wider track and even is described as such by GM in 1981 in the RPO book, dana 60 axle capacity were 6200lb only aavaiulable on G31303, G31332 and G31603 with 8900lb GVWR, ratios 4.10 10 and 41 teeth, 4.56 9 and 41 teeth

    7500lb dana 60 rear axle avaialble only on C-K30 conventional and bonus cab/crew cab fleetside pickups and G31603, G31632 and G31303 models at 10,000lb or 10,500lb GVWR, ratios 3/73 11 and 41 teeth, 4.56 41 and 9 teeth

    10,000lb dana 60 rear axle available only on P3143 and P31832 models at 14,500lb GVWr, ratios 4/56 9 and 41 teeth and 4/88 39 and 8 teeth
    also there are two versions of the 14 bolt FF, 6,000 lb, 7,500lb, ratios 3.21 14 and 45 teeth, 3.73 41 and 11 teeth, 3.75 12 and 45 teeth, 4.09 11 and 45 teeth, 4.10 10 and 41 teeth, 4.56 9 and 41 teeth, and 5.13 8 and 41 teeth, 6,000olb version being with 13 x 2.5" brakes for all C20 and 13 x 3.5" on 30 series

    plus i have 9.5" 14 bolt SF info and all kind sof engine info and drivetrain ratio combos info and tons other stuff, GVW stuff, bonus and crew cab info, yadda yadda yadda

    i got all interested in the info and looked because neighbors (what we assumed was crew cab C30 dually) actually turns out to be CC20943 model in which was originally a C20 single wheel crew cab, someone had stuck old 690's style 19.5" duals wheels all around it and put a dually bed on it, the axle is just a 14 bolt FF and dana 60 wide track is what it would be if was a C30 big dooley from factory at least in 81-up according to GM info.

    and original dreivetrain was 292 and 4 speed now its a 350 and the 4 speed.

    i dont think he will believe me that its originally just a 3/4 ton single wheel, haha, but he did smash the dually fenders off the bed and installed normal 16" single wheels all around it. so now it looks like a single wheel crew cab like it was originally cept has big hole sin bedsides from the fenders haha

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