'81 up door panel differences? (Silverado vs..)

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    \'81 up door panel differences? (Silverado vs..)

    Anyone got an '81 up K5 NOT Silverado trimmed?

    I know the Silverado's got the "brushed aluminum" facing on the gauge bezel, dash trim piece, and both door panels, but I was looking in my '85/86 parts manual yesterday, and noticed that there are two different styles offered, one listed simply as "black" as long as the truck didn't have some RPO code, which I'd guess was Silverado.

    I was under the impression that either the doors were Silverado trimmed (again, the aluminum) or they were completely bare, not even a pull strap. (right CUCV guys?)

    The door panels I just picked up aren't bad looking, but as usual, the mounting pieces for the aluminum are broken, and the aluminum looks terrible...besides the rest of the interior is devoid of the aluminum trim too.

    I'm wondering if anyone out there has *stock* black door panel inserts. I'm thinking if they are stock, they will have the same grain as the "standard" gauge bezel and dash pad trim piece (bumpy black plastic) but I've just never seen the door panels like that before. Also curious, if your door panels do have black inserts, do they also have the pull strap, and is it either black also, or interior colored?

    Some confirmation would be nice that they do exist, I may try ordering that part number if some of you can reassure me, that there were in fact, black door panel inserts.

    Thanks all!

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