'83 3/4T 4x4 pickup in NC

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    \'83 3/4T 4x4 pickup in NC

    $3100 OBO for everything listed below.
    Contact: cell 910-639-7184 or send me a PM.

    Due to a change in my priorities, my '83 3/4T 4x4 LB pickup is for sale as is. Truck is STOCK except for custom fuel tanks.
    I bought it from the original owner w/blown 6.2 diesel, and
    was planning on converting it to 350 gas.

    Good title from the original owner.

    1. The truck itself in good shape, Ziebarted, overall rust minimal.
    Chassis rust very slight. Front fenders have inner wheelarch lip rust. Reupholstered seat like new.
    Body/frame straight. Good glass with a rear slider window.
    Good door hinges. Interior plastic fair. VersaCap on the bed.

    NOTE: The blown 6.2 engine, trans, xfer case removed. Truck
    is towable on highway.
    All the stuff below IS INCLUDED with the truck:

    2. Driveline: THM400, NP208, 400-to-208 adaptor, stock driveshafts.
    3. Axles: 3/4T Stock 14boltSF, stock 3/4T 10 bolt front
    4. Engine: 350 2-bolt short block. Block: V1020CUB casting #3970010.
    5. Intake: Q-jet rebuilt by local shop, ready to bolt on. Large capacity stock GM air cleaner housing (uses the tall element). Fits Q-jet.
    6. Heads: stock, rebuilt by local shop, ready to bolt on.
    7. Power brake unit (vacuum), new in box.
    8. Oil pan and sump pickup, brand new ready to bolt on.
    9. Wheels: stock 8-lug steel, including 3 spare stock 8-lug wheels.
    10. Tires: 4 tires, like new 235-85-R16 Desert Dogs (mounted on stock wheels)
    11. Fuel tanks: dual custom 30 gallon side tanks are installed, stock tank included.
    12. Springs-shocks: stock
    13. Other included: ATF oil cooler, radiator,
    and all the misc parts are tagged,
    and/or boxed with labels.

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