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    Thanks for reading my letter and hopefully you can help me out. We installed a centerforce clutch a few years back and due to the lack of driving, I have put on a little less than 15K since it was installed. New bearing, plate, fork, clutch, etc.
    I'm not up on how to adjust the clutch so it's been trial and error. I've got a mechanical clutch setup.
    My question: when engaging the clutch, holding it in at a stop light or stop sign, I can "feel" something spinning through the clutch pedal. If I let up on the clutch just an inch, the spinning stops. What gives? Do I need to readjust the clutch? If so, how much? Right now when I step on the pedal, I have about 3 inches of play before it engages and the I hit the floorboard. When I release the pedal, the truck does not start to move until the pedal gets halfway up. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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    If you are feeling excessive vibrations when you have the cluth pedal depressed, your throwout bearing may need to be replaced. My rule of thumb for adjusting manual clutch linkage is make sure the clutch doesn't slip when the pedal is released. Also make sure that it is fully engaged when the clutch is fully depressed. Unless there is excessive wear on the pivot bar or clutch rods, this can be accomplished.
    due to the fact that the mechanical linkage does wear, there is no more specific description like "make sure x number of threads are visible".
    Mechanical linkage is not a smooth or maintenance free like hydraulic linkage. It does need to be periodically adjusted.

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