84 GMC Jimmy, K5

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by sled_dog, Feb 13, 2004.

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    My boss has his 1984 GMC Jimmy for sale. Its a plow vehicle but the plow doesn't go with it unless you really want it(he wants too much for the plow), trans is fine, tcase works as well, nothing wrong with the axles, the motor sucks. Its a really beat 305 with major oil leak issues. My bosses son thinks its rear main seal I have no idea I haven't been able to start it and figure the problem out. The oil problem cause a fire but nothing was damaged, just a nice coating of fire extinguisher junk under the hood. The body is rough, rockers are gone, cab supports are rusty, no idea about the rear floor. Boss' kid backed it into a tree and smacked up the drive rear quarter. A couple months ago I would have probably bought it and used it for my project vehicle instead of my K5 but it wasn't for sale then. Would make a nice trail rig you want to just bounce off of stuff. Slap in a 350 and go. Has A/C but I don't know if anyone cares about that, we always put the windows down(PA doesn't get that hot). Interior is pretty nice, way better than any vehicle I've ever owned, made me jealous when I was looking it over yesterday. Hes asking $800, which is too much in my opinion so if you are really interested I could get pictures and work on getting him down from there.

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