'85 & '90 Update....

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    \'85 & \'90 Update....

    Well, after 4 weeks in my school's body shop, the 85 is back home. The replaced the right rear quater panel that had a nice big dent in it with an LMC (will NEVER buy anything from them again) quater panel. The panel is installed, primed and not exactly aligned arounf the rear taillight. The shop instructor said I taught his students a good lesson in buying cheap aftermarket parts: they dont fit. They did a good job otherwise.. just a little gap around the tailight, maybe a 1/4 of in inch or more.

    I am still looking for the perfect color to paint this one. Any suggestions? I know I want it solid blue and a darker blue than anything GM has out now. PICS of any thing blue that you guys like would help. The new Jettas and Audi's have a nice blue but I want mine darker. The new Tahoe's and Vettes are not dark enough either.

    Also, I just took the carpet out of the '85. No rust at all. Will be installing new stuff soon.

    OK, the '90. I wrecked it 2 weeks ago, $3,500+ damage, itrs in the shop and we got a rental too! It should be finished this week or next with new grill, bumper, fender and paint on the entire passenger side and hood. PICS as soon as I get them from the body shop (they take dig pics now so its real easy to get them)

    Anyway, thought Id share what this Georgia boys up too. Thanks for still reading.


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