'85 K5 modified without eng/trans/xfer. what's it worth?

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by workingman, Mar 30, 2003.

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    \'85 K5 modified without eng/trans/xfer. what\'s it worth?

    I found a '85 K5 without the engine, transmission or transfer case. I was wondering what one of these in the following shape is going for so I can make an offer.

    It has two 10 bolts and the front has manual locking hubs. It's got a hole through the floor like it had a manual trans, but I don't know if that is factory. No shift on column, though. This vehicle is from the south so no salted roads. It does have an automatic trans cooler in front of radiator.

    1) They made the cab into a truck cab and did a good job of it, but now a rear cover is out of the question. It looks like a very short wheelbase truck with the bed attached to the cab. I did want the rear cover option...
    2) Paint is Red and looks ok. found one bondo spot by knocking on the body.
    3) No rear bumper
    4) grill is custom and looks good
    5) there are at least two pipes welded between the frame and body which tells me homemade body lift. yes, welded on both ends
    6) front springs bow up, rear springs are about straight but still bowed down.
    7) 30 or 31" tires with one flat and two low. bad spare.
    8) found no rust but underside has been undercoated so it could be hiding.
    9) the gas cap is on the passenger rear wheel well inside the bed. ?
    10) it still has the original steering setup - i think. the drag link is connected to the drivers knuckle. none of it looks good enough to keep.
    11) no front driveshaft

    Interior: Two bucket seats with no tears but not good shape. Radio has been pulled with wires out. Dash looks good. Flooring is bad but no rust I could see. console moves around on the floor.

    general - road hard and put up wet but the owner was somewhat trying to take care of it. it'll need a lot of work and money to put on road. At least the eng/trans/xfercases will need to be bought - small block/NV4500/NP205 w/NP203. Front and rearend may need work (or just swap in 14 bolt and d60 now instead of later).

    They are asking $1200 and I wouldn't pay this much - it has been sitting a long time. The for sale signs are in bad shape now. What is this going for elsewhere? I don't want to offend the owner but I was thinking $400 or $500.

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    Re: \'85 K5 modified without eng/trans/xfer. what\'s it worth?

    i would say thew same price to!! i bought a blazer that had a bad body (just a good tailgate) with out a engine/trans/t-case for 75 bucks..but that too needed to much money to get on the road..and wayyy to much work.thats why i ust bought my truck.. /forums/images/graemlins/pimp1.gif

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