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    Pa 17329 zip
    1986 gn t-top car93,000 miles.apa performance built motor (2,800 miles)billet main caps,arp hardware,nice cam,forged pistons,race ported irons with 1.77 ferras, harland rr ,ported lower,helmco upper, 62mm tbmease streatch IC 3inch pipesnew blet,hoses,front cover,warter pump, all the stuff .57lb inj, translator + Z06 maf,mease 4inch inlet pipe/k&N,pt67gtq turbo,atr 3inch downpipe, hooker catback,3200 real art carr convertor with l/u,new trans built for the power this week from gbody parts,cutom braded cooler lines and B&M cooler,4 core super size alluminum radiator,alumimun core support,hr motor mounts,stock gears freash posi rebuild, ta cover,s-10 cylinders,kirban soft shoes,long studs.1le upper bushings, south side lower,kirban snubber. HR rear bar setup(sweet)front has been converted to 12 1le brakes on caprice spindals, hotchkis control arms, 36mm hallow way bar with poly bushings,ss front frame braces, kyb shocks,GNX style 16' wheels with micky et street dr's like new,gnx vents,no emblems (stealth look)energy suspension body mounts with gnx bushings,walbro pump hotwired,new rear fillers, new fronts ready to go on (oems are warped not cracked)glass bumper for front (new not on yet )scanmaster, greddy profec b electronic boost control (fast spool )boost,oil pre, water,knock,fuel pressure gauges (3 a pillar/ console holder)interior is in great shape only drivers seat botton is worn, no broken pastics,concert sound II,pwr seat,windows,locks,tilt,cruise,rear defrost, pwr ant,pwer trunk release,lighted rear view.gn mats.paint is 3 years old cleans up great.Issues header panel has small crack new one ready to go on.front fillers warped new ones ready to go on.windows are slow(arnt they all ? )ac pressure switch leaks freion,Car has been garaged for most it's life but not all.has been driven in the rain but never the snow.Not rusted doors are 100% as are the rest of the panels.floor looks great.registed as a classic in pa no idea how much I have in this car but over $10,000 in the last year with the motor/trans/rear stuff,ran 10.92 @ 124 on 255 micky drs on the footbrake with 25 lbs/24* and 110 in the tank. there was ZERO knock and no pressure fade, o2 drop. with tires more boost / tunning this car will do 10.50 I know it in my heart. This car handels awsome and stops fast. I went to the skip barber racing school at summit point with it and supprised the hell out of the instructors, I had 2nd fastest lap times that day only a modded c5 bested my time, I even beat 2 e36 bms, of corse the car ranged from punks in vw's to grandpas in the new 911's Had this car since 1997 so who knows whatelse I have forgot ... Love it to death but times are tough.Will sell for $14,000 possibly take some home improvement work on trade.chime in with opinion if necessary,pa 17329 car is stored in a locked garage not at my house so I will have to meet you if you want to see it.can't remember a time I have ever been beat on the street in this car.

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