'87 Dash

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    \'87 Dash

    I have an '87 blazer with a dash that the oil pressure gauge isnt working and the gas runs out when it reads half tank. When taking it apart for this fix I was curious if it was possible to put a tack in the large gas gauge and move the gas to the empty gauge area, while getting these parts from a blazer that was a stick. Is that the same set up they run? any help would be great.
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    Re: \'87 Dash

    You won't find gauges with the correct color/font to match your other gauges. The '81+ tach is, dare I say, ultra rare.

    As an option, you can make late 70's Camaro tachs fit, you can search for my previous posts about it, or peruse my web page for the additional (huge) pics of the modified Camaro tach.

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