88 K5, Want to fix it up

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by mch, Oct 20, 2002.

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    Hello, I recently bought a 88 K5 Blazer. I hate the color, looks like someone did a $100 white paintjob without even sanding all the parts ( White came off a few places and you can see previous blue color ). The only rust it has is a little on the tailgate. I can see signs of Bondo here and there. It was supposedly a BLM vehicle. The thing appears Mechanically sound, and has pretty good power. What I would like to do first is replace the seats. The original ones are all tweaked. I want to find someone who makes seats that just bolt onto the original mounting points. Has anyone here replaced their seats, have any web sites or pointers?
    I also want to ditch the doors and tailgate, and replace them with fiberglass. The tailgate has some rust, and would be easier to replace it. The doors show signs of some serious bondo. Anyone here replaced their with Fiberglass? Pointers, web-site would be appreciated.
    On a side not, I took it off road a couple times, and the 4x4 selector pops out of 4 High, and goes back to 2 High if I hit some serious bumps. Ideas how to fix that?
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    Well there are fiberglass doors available but they are not cheap.
    http://www.usbodysource.com/ has them but for what they cost you could buy aftermarket Steels a couple of times. Same with the tail gate. The other problem with glass is it shatters when it hits a rock or a tree. Metal bends and can be knocked out and remain servicable.
    Shift problem I would start checking for bad motor and tranny mounts.
    What's 4high? I never use it LOL. Seriously if your trying to crawl and climb and never exceeding 25mph then you should be in low not high. Your putting a lot of strain on the transmission when wheeling in high.
    As for the rest of your paint problems. If it's pealing then your going to have to strip that paint before repainting. It will never be right otherwise. Now are you sure it's a repaint and not the problem GM had about that time? GM had a lot of paint problems in the late 80's. The paint comming off in sheets was not uncommon. The primer they used was sort of a blue gray color. Heck most of us that wheel hard are into flat black rattle can jobs /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif Mine is a Desertsand. Sure is nice not worrying about nice paint when you rub a tree.
    Welcome to CK5 !
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    About fiberglass, if where you wheel this thign there are no tight spots and big rocks you could be OK but I wouldn't, rocks here eat your truck and you want steel to pound it back into shape instead of selling your sould to get a new Fiber overpriced glass fender or door. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
    As for the transfer case poping out: first check the rubber mounts on both engine and transmission/trafercase.
    If they are worn hard wheeling would move them around and you will have that problem if the lever hits the opening edge in the hump (mine poped out of 4lowlock).
    If that is not the problem, you may have to adjust the shifter linkage.

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