'91 Jimmy

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    \'91 Jimmy

    #1, I love this site!! Alright. Well, I wanted some creature comforts and a ride that would start easily in the cold. Also, better mpg would be a plus. Sooooo, got a '91 Jimmy!! Yahoo!! Now I get about 15 to the gallon vs. 12!! Hee hee. Anyways, can finally KEEP the top off the '72, build her up and make her the tough Mother Fu*#er I''ve always wanted her to be. And still have the bad-ass '91 to cruise with. Actually, this was all necessary 'cause I'm moving out NW and I needed a vehicle to tow my muscle car. Later, my broda and I are gonnna do a cross country trip in the '72. I'm diggin' my drive way now: a '67 Chevelle and a '72 K5 in my garage and a '91 Jimmy in the drive way! Life is good.

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