A/C Blower has low flow

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    Apr 4, 2001
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    I replaced the blower motor in my 85 because the old one was noisy.
    I fugured that would also be the reason for low air
    flow thru the vents. The air is cold but not much of it.
    Before I go tearing the dash apart looking at ductwork I thought I'd post a question to all of you.
    I followed your advise on the ColoradoK5.com stickers
    by the way. The look cool and have had several people ask about the site.
    I also bought new tires "Kelly Safari ATV 31-10.5". I got a good deal on them buy 3 @ $106 and the 4th one free.
    I'll get a new pic soon.


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    Surprised no one has offered any ideas. I'll do my best. If all 4 speed positions work on the speed switch, I'd be focusing on the "box" as the problem. Maybe take out the glove box and look at how the vacuum lines control the opening and closing. If the vacuum stuff is removable, i'd pull it, and check to see that none of the "doors" in the box are binding. The factory used a type of foam rubber in there to seal the doors, and when the stuff deteriorates, it blocks smooth travel of the doors. On non AC trucks, thats why people have rough movement between heater and defrost, and sometimes break the units.

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