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    Feb 25, 2000
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    I just finished swapping out my radiator (BTW did Chevy have to make 30 different fan shrouds?!) and put on another A/C belt to enjoy some cool air this summer. On my way to work this morning my temp gauge topped out, I was in the parking lot luckily, when I popped the hood I had antifreeze spewing out and I broke yet another A/C belt. This time the a/c belt threw the alternator belt. This is the third a/c belt that has broken since the a/c has been fixed. What is the prob? Do I have a pulley that is not lined up right?

    I have a generic crate 350, with a alternator (alt-wp-main), ps belt(ps-wp-main) and the a/c belt, which we have tried several different configurations, a/c-wp-main, and a/c-wp-ps-main. Is there another config I should be using?
    This is getting insane, I just want some GD a/c. Any help would be appreciated.

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