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    I'm trying to connect the a/c signal input into the ECM on my 93 350TBI. It is installed into my 84 Toyota fj60 using a Howell harness. I called howell & they said the signal input is pin B-12 on the ECM. when looking at the plugs the larger one has the pins labeled 1-16 w/ no letters for top & bottom pins & the smaller is labeled 1-12 w/ no letters. The Tech from Howell said they are plainly marked but he did not seem that knowlegable to me. Can some one confirm that it is indeed pin B-12 & possibly have a diagram I can look @? Also I want to hook up a relay so that either the a/c or the york will increase the idle. any ideas on wiring? one more thing Where can I get a plug for a Harrison a/c compressor & a pin to add to the ECM/ harness plug?


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