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    Ok well i have 2 questoins.

    the first of which is it good to change to an open element style air cleaner or will it mess with the factory stuff? I know that you wont be able to use the preheater hose but i dont know if you'll mess up anything else.

    second question is does anyone use or know of the A.E.I. air cleaner assy.? its kinda like the velocity stack from turbo city but its built into the aircleaner already and its open element
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    There are three issues that you have to consider if you want to swap over to an open element air filter:

    1. You mentioned that you'll have to abandon the thermo-valver and as a result the stovepipe. I'm not sure how it will affect the TBI setup(I have a carb), but in cold weather the warm exhaust that it directed into the air cleaner prevents icing and helps the motor warm up. I'm not sure how cold it gets where you're at but you may have trouble with your cold starts without the thermatic air cleaner setup.

    2. Open air filters draw air from the engine bay. During the summer this can cause your motor to run warm and lose performance. Your motor will perform best with a steady supply of cool air supplied by then factory setup.

    3. Depending on the emissions laws in your area, you may not be able to pass the visual portion of the test if you've altered or eliminated any of your emission equipment.

    Hope this helps, brother!!!!! /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif
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    Yeah just leave the stock stuff on. Might want to try a K&N filter. The stock air hose and box flow plenty of air for a stock TBI truck. You will just loose power with an open element because of the hot engine air issue. A buddy of mine went to open element on his TBI. His truck ran worse had less power.All it did was make more noise. He's back with the stock stuff now and much happier.
    The velocity stack from Turbo city does help. I'm running one and like it. It made a noticeable difference. The injector spacer and 1/2 " TB spacer are also good mods.
    I run my TBI K5 without a heat riser.It does not affect it at all. It gets below 0 here in the winter. I drilled out the rivits that hold it in the air horn. Pulled all the diverter stuff out and rivited a plate over the hole. It helped it to breathe a lot better.

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