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    Okay, heres the deal... I've got a blown th350 in my K20 and right now, and I also have another 350 sitting that I just took out of a 2wd van. After calling around to every tranny store in Flint (there is seriously a good dozen of them within 5 miles of eachother) I found a good shop that I trust that will do the swap straight up with the tranny out and the 4wd output shaft already pulled for 60 bucks. Should I have them put in redline clutches for 325 and/or a shift kit for 375? The tranny was rebuilt around 3000 ago, so is it wasted money or saved time and cost of a second rebuild sooner? I'm going to run a starshifter so am I correct in assuming that a shift kit would be pointless when I'm directly controlling the shift?

    Sorry it was so long...

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