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A Few Questions I Need Answered For My Writing

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Resurrection_Joe, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Resurrection_Joe

    Resurrection_Joe 1 ton status

    Jan 9, 2002
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    Gettysburg, SD
    1. What is the easiest way to become a police officer and how easy is it to continue to be so with arrest authority with as little effort as possible. They ran sheriff electione here and I was surprised that you needed no qualifications at first, i would have run if I had known that.

    2. What is that thing that was mentioned a while ago about retired cops in good standing being able to carry anywhere
  2. camiswelding

    camiswelding 1/2 ton status

    May 25, 2003
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    Redding, CA
    SB 208 allows peace officers in good standing with their department ( ie no psych medical retirement and no post department problems arrests etc) can national carry if they qualify once a year at a certified range (usually law enforcement)
    New York tries not to honor it and a couple of states still are a PITA but mostly the coppers on the street wont give you a second glance

    The easist way to become a copper is probably go the level one reserve... weekend academy.. peace officer only while on duty... some departments are easy.. some are just as hard as a regular.. it still requires testing on a recurrent basis.. shooting laws of arrest et al.. if they are going to give you a badge and take the liability for you then you are going to be tested regularly.. unless its podunk one man PD barney fifedom.. steer clear.. BORING and easy to get hurt
    absent that there might be a couple of places in the US that you can obtain the appointment... but I imagine very state would still require a minimum standards test.... even if challenged..
    In California it was a big joke when Willie Williams took over LAPD from Darryl Gates.. Williams came from some PA Police Dept.. he was so lame he couldnt pass the shooting test.. so the department had to issue him a civilian concealed weapon permit until he got "passed" (bet the range staff loved that one).. Williams was hated.. he didnt last long.. he was a bafoon


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