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    Nothing big and impressive but good.
    I decided to take my wife out to dinner and didn't want to do the same old thing. So???........ Hey, why don't we take my truck over Shrine pass to Redcliff (out by Holycross)? It's just a dirt road. (she never wheels with me, I think I scare her).
    So off we go. We buckle up, air down and off we go. Yeee Haaa!!! I know it's only a dirt road over a pass that goes up to about 10,500 ft. but when your doing the prerunner thing it's fun. I only wish we could block off each side so you didn't have to worry about the turon's on it. I made it to Redcliff in 25 min. from vail pass (no complaints either). Had some great food and drink then back over. This time I did it in 23 min., passed two trucks. I love how the beast makes them want to pull over out of the way. I was easy in the corners and was not reckless. We even stopped to take a picture of some deer.
    Man, I would love to do that road blocked off to see what kind of time I could get. In the winter I do it at about 60+ mph on my snowmobile so I know it well. Then we get back to Frisco and they have the street blocked off, a party and a band. We hook up with some friends for a while, stop at my buddies house for a beer, than home. Anyway, It was a good day. Anyone want to race to Holycross????? J/K. [​IMG]
    Bet Moneypit would.......
    By the way, I didn't scare her so next time, maybe beat 20min.?????

    [​IMG]<font color=red>[/b]"Rid'in HigH in my K5"[​IMG]
    ....[​IMG]<font color=blue>[/b]"6" Lift -<font color=purple>38.5's"[​IMG]....
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    Sounds like a blast - I went out and did the prerun thing briefly today - It was great!

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