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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by rdn2blazer, Feb 22, 2006.

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    just wanted to share a great memory of mine, it is when I raced the Elsinore Grad Prix in 2001. I had a great time running that historical race with a buddy that ran his quad in the same novice class. I rode and raced dirt bikes from age 5 till I was 16 yrs old. then cause of lack of money got out of riding alltogether. not till I was 33 did I get back into riding again, only this time on a quad. bought a 2000 Honda 400EX new. did a bunch of mods to it, mostly bolt on stuff.

    then in 01' I got the bug to run the Elsinore GP. MAN WHAT A RUSH!. I started in the middle of the last of four riders per row of 5 rows of riders. you dont get a chance to practice at Elsinore. the flags drops and its WFO! WOW! TALK ABOUT PURE ADRENALINE!. loved every miniute of it. I actually made my way to fifth place only to take a drop off followed by a sweeper left hand that went from dirt to pavement WAY TO HOT! I had my quad power sliding way wide, I was sitting on my left heal hangin it out, I slid into and got lodged between a chain link fence and a firehidrent!

    I went past on the outside of a water barrier I was soo wide. fortunantly I didn't hit the firehidrent head on. took quit a bit to get me unstuck. ended up finishing 13 overall, I felt good about it anyways. just wanted to share a great memory on probably what was my last race. I ride a ktm 450 exc now.
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    Sweet pic.

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