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    My friend's dad said I have A.I.R. when he looked at my manifolds today.. what exactly is it? can I run the truck without it connected? I really wanna get a set of headers on.. unfortunately I don't think they are made for A.I.R.


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    AIR stands for Air Injector Reactor. It is very simple; a pump (engine driven) should be under the alt, pumps air through a system of tubes to the exhaust manifolds. This gives extra O2 so in theroy any unburned hydrocarbons can burn up and create less emiss. It really dosent take all that much Hp to runone of these but they can be a pain in the ass because of the extra plumbing, pump, etc. If you have one (you should) you should have a pump, some steel and rubber hoses 2 valves and some small metal tubes running into the top of your exhaust manifolds. If a part is missing or inop, you could fail emmis in your state if it applies to you. I run a partial system right now with no noticiible problems (no pump) if you take the valves off you can notice a definate volume increase. You can get most popular headers with AIR they just cost more.

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