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    >> Gul I loveded you,
    >> Straight up fo'sho.
    >> Or I wouldna told dem ova girls
    >> not to call me no mo.
    >> I knowed it was true,
    >> the first day I seed you.
    >> Why you thank I do,
    >> the thangs I do?
    >> Remember how I use ta wine and dine you,
    >> Schlits Malt Liquor and Bar-Ba-Que
    >> I gave you a bubble baze and fed you grapes.
    >> Dey was on sale that week a dolla ninety-eight.
    >> Romanic evenins after dark,
    >> Skreet light walks around the block.
    >> Like the very first time,
    >> you came ova to my crib.
    >> And you got all scared,
    >> cause that roach was on yo Tims.
    >> I was right dare,
    >> with a can of spray.
    >> To be yo Super Negro,
    >> and save the day.
    >> I ain't even pay my light bill,
    >> so I can take you to da club.....
    >> Don't knock ova dem candles
    >> and burn up my rug!
    >> And dat nite we made luv,
    >> for a long liddle bit of time.
    >> I hope you got yours,
    >> cause I sho'nuff got mine.
    >> I woke up early and made you breakfast in bed
    >> Sep fo I ain't have no juice, no grits, and no eggs.
    >> Didn't have no cereals and was fresh outta milk,
    >> so we had some toast and some potada chips.
    >> I use to rub lotion on yo feets,
    >> and massage yo back.
    >> I found you some glue,
    >> when you lost one of your tracks.
    >> Now what man you knowed,
    >> ever loveded you like dis.
    >> Gul please just take my name
    >> off dat child support list.

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