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    Here's the question: 1 75 Firebird + 1 78 Trans Am parts car = ???? I just bought a 78 Trans Am for parts for $200 and need a little advice. My 75 Firebird needs a rear passenger-side quarter, which will need professional welding because it is out of my range of welding knowledge. This 78 Trans Am has a good tub, except for a little rust in the floor and trunk. It doesn't have any front clip, motor/tranny, interior(except dash), or trunk lid. It does have rust free rear quarters, rust free doors, and good back glass. Here's the options:

    1. Cut off the rear quarter of the 78 and pay someone to weld it in for me. Also part out the rest of the stuff and make a little money on the deal.

    2. Swap the tub off of the 78 onto my 75 and not worry about the cutting and welding. It does make for a TON of work, though.

    3. Keep the 78 and swap on parts I have lying around and pick up a few from friends and see if I can part together a 78.

    What do you guys think is the best option? I'm kinda leaning towards #1, but #3 doesn't sound too far out of the picture.....

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