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    Well, some discussion I had with some relatives today got me really fired up. I just started writing this little bit a while ago. I have no real point to it (except that leftist hippies wouldn't survive through jack ****).

    I've decided that it's come to the point in my life where I have to decide what means the most to me personally with regards to values, morals, and ethics. First lets start off with my upbringing. I can eat anything, I love food. No lactose-intolerant, don't give me spicy food, no red meat, etc. person here. I love my steaks medium-rare and my eggs over-easy. I like to drink domestic beer, either canned, bottled, or drought (and that's pronounced “draft”), and American whiskey. I know how to drive a boat, back up a trailer, fish (freshwater, saltwater, deep sea, beach, and stream), hunt (deer, squirrel, rabbit, fowl), camp, and drive a four-wheel-drive. I drive American made cars; know how to change my oil, build an engine, change a transmission, pull a dent, and spray some paint. I know how to shoot a rifle, shotgun, and handgun.

    Now that we've got that covered. People nowadays are increasingly ignorant. I can't go a day without hearing someone's brakes squealing because the pads need to be changed (or grinding metal from waiting too long). How often have we heard of some new municipality banning handgun or long arm possession within their limits? That's about the stupidest thing you can do. The politicians say it will “lower crime rate.” Do you think a criminal is honestly going to care whether his possession of a handgun is legal? Disarming of the public is one of the worst things that can happen to this country and is entirely against what the founding fathers stood for in our country. For if a government gets too oppressive it is the responsibility of the people to overthrow it. I am by no means condoning an overthrow of our government, I am merely stating an example (from the Declaration of independence, I suggest you read it sometime). Oh yea, this stupid “racial” crap has got to end, along with Affirmative Action. If I have multiple people going for a job, one more qualified than the rest (who happens to be white), I should hire them, not their less qualified minority counterpart.

    Nor should special promotions, reqards, or recognition be a shoe-in, win-win situation for minorities and females. Upper-level management should not be afraid to stand by a decision based upon merit. Likewise, all these left-minded liberal hippies can go crawl up a tree and jump off a cliff. I'm sorry, but this turn the other cheek, lets ignore it and it'll go away, we're all good people down inside, nobody wishes us harm bull**** just doesn't work. I'm sorry, but in the real world, there are people that hate you. There are people that want you dead. Thanks to you and your like-minded friends, our country cannot even stop bickering with itself which tree is more worthy to save.

    Yes there needs to be environmental conservation, but the fanatics need to get a grip on reality. “Cost-benefit,” ever hear of it? Yeah you probably did going to your fancy college while there were over a dozen violent conflicts brewing across the world. Get you head out of the sand, wake up and smell the burnt coffee. The world is not a happy place. It's going to hell in a hand-basket and it's gonna be the people like me that are going to be most prepared to handle it.

    Have you ever had to skin and clean your own food? Or does it all come pre-packaged from the supermarket? Consider this; say something happens where you have no power for a month, all the stores are closed, there's general panic in the streets (welcome to New Orleans). Would you be able to defend your property? Would you be able to find food for your family?

    Up until now you've lived life to its fullest, but how much about living do you truly know?

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