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    well JR kicked everybodys ass once again. :D the mud pit is about 4 foot deep at the entrance and the hill at the end is about 8 foot.after being called darlene, and you didn;t bring your truck cuz your skirt was to short crap last sunday i brought her over and spent the day showing them what i can do.the first one through the deep end was a 86 bronco with a 460 and 38,s. (i only have 36,s). he went through and got stuck. he was pulled out by the tow truck driver that dug it out the weekend before. i was sitting 10 foot behind him and made it through after pat was pulled out. :rolleyes: after about 50 passes through they said that pat was in 2x2 and thats why he didn;t make it.OK i went back through in 2 wheel high untill i was stuck.put it in fer by fer and drove out.gentle like. :laugh: :laugh: they think redline is the only way.IDIOT :haha: anyway i have pics coming soon. :laugh:

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