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    oh man.....

    i welded up my perches after verifying that they were level, 90 degrees from face of yoke.... aligned with old marks where they were..... i hung the axle under the truck, and even with the slight angle of the lift blocks, the yoke is aimed dead forward, with no upward tilt toward the back of the transfer case..... is this how they all are? did i screw up by not dialing in some upward tilt???

    thanks for your input.....

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    i would say yes if you do not have a CV shaft. my 14b is shimmed at the perches, which really help pinion angle. i also have a one tone CV joint driveshaft custome made after i did not shim the 12bolt and busted the old driveshaft in 2 places. So, in my limited, non-profesional opinion, it should have been shimmed.

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    When I did mine I bolted it all together loose. Put the tires on it and set it on the ground. I measured the down angle on the tranny. I then turned the pinion up till I had a matching up angle. I then pulled the pinion down 1 degree to account for axle wrap. Tacked the purches in place. Roll the axle back out from under the truck. They came out close to level with the brake mounting flange. I took a full 6 degrees out after doing the shackle flip. No vibes. Even if you off a little your close enough that you should be able to correct with a 2 deg shim. There should be just a deg or 2 of upward angle on the pinon.
    What your looking for when setting the angle is that both U-Joints are within about 1-2 degrees of the same bend. once you get over that your going to start getting vibration.

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