***AARRGH! HELP ME***--LOW OIL PRESSURE GUAGE/PUMP? not functioning well.

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    HOLY HELL!!!

    I'm driving down the road and notice my oil pressure gauge(stock OEM) starts dipping in the low area--I take my foot off the gas and the water temp gauge shoots to 210 degrees and then back down to202....

    I pull over the side of the road and find a small leak coming from my oil pan. So I then drive down to the store to get some back up oil and top off the oil pan. Then some more stop and go driving later, I start smell ing some burning smell from under the hood. So I stop again. This time to let things cool down a bit. Pop the hood and check the oil again.
    This time I take the cap off where you dump in the new oil and peer inside. A distinct burning smell wafts to my nose and when the steam clears I see that it looks like the oil pump isn't working. There should be at least some oil filtering down from the valve covers after a 4 mile drive right? I MEAN, IT SHOULD LOOK WET RIGHT?

    So Now My pride and joy are sitting iin the drive way with a small leak/gash in the lower right front of the oil pan and no oil seems to be getting to the lifters and valve covers.

    My Question:

    Since the Distributor drives the oil pump, and there seems to be no awkward noises coming from the engine like its about to seize up, and the oil pressure guage is telling me that I have low oil pressure off and on....

    Could that mean that the OIL PUMP my be bad? How can I tell if the oil pump is bad? Should I drop the oil pan and drop the oil pump and install a slightly higher flow oil pump to off set any future damage from low oil circulation? PLEASE!!! YOU GOTTA HELP ME!!

    The engine has 86,000 original miles from an '84 silverado blazer. It's vitually mint!


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    did you hear your lifters ticking,if no oil is getting to the topend of your motor most of the time the first thing you notice is lifter noise.


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