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    Jan 21, 2001
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    Decided to hang with the boys tonight, but when I got out to where they were supposed to be, they were on a "ride", with their Honda 90s. Oh well, I turned the nose to the mountains and decided to hit a back road for awhile. Found a nice little 4wd needed spot. Turned the 9000s to 3 and even went into 4L. Felt great, haven't done that in about a year. Bad thing though, got a transfer case seal to change, wonder if that ricer will notice the tranny fluid on his car. Got to do an inspection due to moving off the side for oncoming traffic and finding a 'large' hole in the weeds. Felt so damn good to go wheelin again. Went back to town and still couldn't find the boys so I came home. Oh well.

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