accel spiral core wires

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    Dec 10, 2000
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    i read in this post before of some of you having bad luck with accel wires
    i have these on my shortbed,so i pulled one off and stuck a ohm meter in the ends,it came up 1238 ohms of resistance
    i then checked a 8mm grey "stock" type wire it came up about 8.35 ohms resistance,wow!
    i then checked all wires in each set all were comparible to the above mentioned numbers(yes 1238 and 8.35)
    i then changed out all the wires i could that would work with headers
    with 5 grey wires on i picked up about 50 rpm idle speed and truck ran quite a bit better over all
    i can hardly believe those accels could be of such low quality!
    thanx out there for the input helping me spot such a simple improvement for my truck


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