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    I received this on Monday November 20th

    United Four Wheel Drive Association

    Let's get letters from all over the country in support of this effort. This is a short notice alert so start writing NOW!


    As you may have already heard, the Grand Mesa Jeep Club has been working with the
    Grand Junction BLM in an attempt to open a new jeep trail in the Bangs Canyon Resource
    Area. The trail goes up a canyon approximately 1.2miles. There is an existing two-track
    road at the bottom and the top of the canyon. The trail, when finished should be between
    the caliber of Scratch & Dent and Cactus Ridge.

    The BLM has opened the application to build the trail for public comment. The
    comment period began November 1st, 2000 and ends December 6, 2000. I apologize for
    not getting this request for support to you sooner.

    I, the Grand Mesa Jeep Club and the BLM would like your input. Some of the ideas
    you could address in a letter to the BLM are:
    1. Proposed trail is in an area designated for development of new single and two-track
    trails, according to current resource management plan.
    2. You may personally have jeeped in the Bang’s Canyon area-(i.e.. the road to the
    Mica Mine and Clarks Bench, which are both closed now) and feel the loss due to the
    closing of “jeepable” areas.
    3. The proposed trail is in the bottom of a usually dry canyon consisting of mostly
    boulders and sandstone so environmental impact would be minimal.
    4. Proposed trail would be an asset to Grand Junction and the western slope by giving
    one more recreational opportunity to visitors in the area.
    5. Grand Mesa Jeep Club has been around for nearly 40 years and has a reputation for
    being a group of reliable and responsible four-wheelers. With Grand Mesa Jeep Club
    monitoring and maintaining the trail it will be well managed.
    6. Please make the Bang’s Canyon Area truly “multiple use” and let the 4 X 4 off road
    enthusiast have a place to enjoy also.

    Please feel free to use any, none, or all of these ideas and any you may have on the
    subject. Write the BLM in Grand Junction a short note in support of this trail and the
    Grand Mesa Jeep Club.

    Remember the deadline for comment is December 6, 2000.


    Greg Wall (242-7023)

    Mail to: Marian Atkins
    Bureau of Land Management
    Grand Junction Resource Area
    2815 H Road
    Grand Junction, CO 81506

    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>

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