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    i was thinking of lifting my blazer up like 1 inch or 1 1/2 inches. and i was thinking of using 2 add-a-leaf kits to add the front and the back. so the over all lift would be done by adding leafs.
    is this a good idea or not?
    and also if it is a good idea how hard is it to do with just me and 1 other person?
    thanks and lets get CK5 to #1 !!!!!

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    This should work. You also have the option of using a small block in the rear instead of an add-a-leaf. Be aware that the add a leafs will make the ride stiffer. It is very doable with just two people. Just make sure that you have all the necessary blocks and jack stands to safely support the truck. You can jack up a corner with your axle jack, then block up the frame, remove the wheel and lower the axle until the spring is relaxed. Then just take the U-bolts off and slide in the add a leaf. To get more clearance, you may need to disconnect the shock and if it is in the front, remove the brake caliper from the rotor.

    You should use a new center bolt with the add-a-leaf and it should come with it. It is easiest if you can keep the spring pack together while the center bolt is removed. This can be done with a C-clamp, but then you will have to put the add-a-leaf on crooked while inserting the new center bolt and then find a way to spin i straight after removing the clamp. The easiest would probably be to just have a center bolt that is a lot longer than you need so that you can feed it through all of the leafs while they are seperated and then cut it to length after the spring pack is assembled.

    You can do each corner in this fashion, one at a time.

    Before doing add-a-leafs, you should make sure that you are not going to want more lift later on.

    Hope this helps.

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