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    i am goin to be doing my own add a leaf. i want about 2 " and its just for the rear of the truck. i just did a lift but the rear is sagged so i wanna bring it up a bit. how do you do your own add a leaf? i am gonna get 2 spring packs from the wrekers and uses those. how do you do the add a leaf? what leaves do you use? how long should the leaves be?
    any help would be great
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    Trev, just did the Superlift 2300 set on my rear springs.

    Got about 2", but don't forget, that number is going to depend greatly on condition of whatever springs you choose to use in the back. If they aren't saggy at all, more lift, extremely saggy (like ine) likely less lift.

    Out of the vehicle its not hard, that superlift kit came with (as most should) the center pin which you'll have to trim after install. other than that, its remove the front leaf spring "bracket" bolt (the one at the front of the spring pack) and take out the center pin. Add a leaf is stacked in the spring pack in pyramid order, which is exactly like stock, except just one more spring.

    Some large "c" clamps are nice to have to compress it, but really, as long as the bolts are long enough that they give you, you won't need to compress them much before you can start the nut and clamp the springs together that way.

    Longer add a leafs are supposed to work better all around, I wouldn't mess with a short one.

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