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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by ccj8008, Oct 12, 2001.

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    Getting ready to install my doubler between my SM465/NP205 on my 76 shortbox. I agree that an additional crossmember is required. Living out in the sticks, there aren't any machine shops around. Stephen, can you sell me one? What about a skidplate the attaches to the crossmember?
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    At this point, we're kind of maxed out in the shop and I have a pending new kid, so I can't say that we'll be able to do anything other than our normal stuff for a while. But, you can get by with running just the crossmember under the Doubler mounting foot without much problem. The extra crossmember is good for added support and skidplating, but isn't absolutely necessary for it to function in every day driving. So you could get by for a while and find someone to fab the crossmember, or maybe we can get some pre fabbed pieces to make the process easier. I'm not sure about a full crossmember due to the differences in frame width, but I'm sure we can figure something out.

    It took me nearly a year to add the extra crossmember on my GEN1 setup, so I know it works.....
    But I felt a lot better doing hard trails with the extra support.

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    you could get some C-Channel, and weld up a cross member with that perhaps? a friend of mine did that when he needed a new crossmember for some bizzar tranny conversion he did on an old dodge... took some 4 inch by 1.5 inch C channel, welded some short pieces upside down on the bottom of it, and then bolted it to the frame.

    Crappy ascii drawing of what he did, side angle

    Top, drilled holes in middle for tranny mounts,
    | \_____________/ |
    Bottom, Drilled holes allong frame rail for bolts there.

    Rear View...
    Transmission goes in the middle,
    | ----- __________________________ ------|
    |_____|---------------------------- |_____|

    side `things' bolt to frame rail.

    might/might not work for you, but it seems to work for him.


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