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    I have a M4ME on my 84 full size blazer. Explain to me: how do I adjust the choke pull off? How do I know when it is adjusted correctly? It has an allen screw to adjust it but again, how do I know what is correct? Right now the screw is "bottomed out." My engine has no emissions equipment, no canister, no EGR, no ECM, just the bare SBC. The only vacuum lines running off the carb are the brake line for the power brakes, vacuum advance and the small hose connecting the choke pull off to the carb. All the other ports are plugged. Starting the truck when it's cold, no problem. Fast idle is working, etc. I can drive off but after a few minutes, if I come to a complete stop, the engine dies. Restart it again and it's fine. I have no heat riser or hoses running to the air cleaner. Using a foam air cleaner with chrome housing. And it's COLD here in South Korea! 20's in the AM. So, I take it that the choke pull off and fast idle work together? Adjustment suggestions?

    Also, when adjusting air/fuel mixture screws, I am using a vacuum guage and setting the driver's side mixture to the highest setting on the gague and then doing the passenger side. I notice a big difference between the two sides; the driver's side is turned out almost twice and the passenger side is turned out almost 5 times. Again, I set it using a vacuum gague. Each side is at around 25 on the gague. Again, suggestions.


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