adjusting gear box?????

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    i think i found a solution to the wandering ways of my truck
    i have about 15 degrees of play in the steering wheel with no real affect on the wheel position
    can this be adjusted????
    is there another adjustment other than the allen set screw on top, and can i damage anything by adjusting to much [​IMG]

    It needs a bigger motor.
    what's in it now?
    doen't matter it NEEDS A BIGGER MOTOR
    89 350tbi/700r4h/np208/4.11's
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    There are 2 adjustments and the one on the top is the one that often does not have to be done (it is the gear lash adjustment). There is also one under the rag joint that adjusts the bearings. Loosen the large stamped nut with a screw driver and hammer and tighten the adjuster 1/8 of a turn and tighten back the stamped nut. If this does not do it you can try the one on the top of the box but only a little bit (if you tighten it up too much it can bind when turned and you will feel a lumpyness when you turn the steering wheel).

    There is a proper spec in the manual on how to adjust them both. It involves lifting the wheels off the ground, disconection the steering tie rod, and using a in-lb torque wrench on the steering wheel nut to tell the proper preload.

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