adult Big Wheel?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by rdn2blazer, May 24, 2006.

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    Im looking for an adult Big wheel, there is a company that is making them but they are only modified kids size Big Wheels and there out of stock anyways, and 300 bucks and duel rear wheeled to help suport the weight of an adult, that sucks. I want one like the comedian Galager had in one of his shows, he made an entrance on stage with what looked like a real adult scale Big Wheel. Im going to buy one for my son. you can get a new (Im assuming its a repop copy) of the original 16 in front wheeled one for about 45 bucks. it would be so cool to go ride with my boy and do those cool power slides I used to do as a kid. my boy would love it. go to this Galager's site and go to pics and scan to the right and you will see a pic of his Big Wheel.

    any ideas?

    Adult Big Wheel

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    I saw adult big wheels at gart sports and toys r us awhile back made by razor I think. I think the front wheel was even made of rubber. I always burned holes in the plastic front wheels when I was a kid.

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