Advance Adapters Claim to Vibration and nv4500

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    Well, I emailed them asking some stuff about the conversion and why people are having vibration problems. The guy said that most of the kits do eliminate the balancer on the Chevy versions and the the dodge versions dont even have a balancer. He said they traced the problem back to a nut backing off on the 5th gear. What do you guys think about this? Does it sound like a reliable explenation to something easily remedied? Thanks


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    Sparky, I have been doing a lot of research on the matter as well and found out that Dodge has never used a dampner and The latest version of GM 4500s dont have either. I am in the process of doing a 4500/205 conversion and dont know if it will have a vibration or not and I have the set collar from Advance. I spoke with Steve87K5 on this page and he did not mention any vibration with his.
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    My Dodge has a large balance weight at the top of the rear driveshaft, where it goes into the t-case.

    As far as I know, the only application having problems with the 5th gear nut is the Cummins. The problem is that when run below 1500 rpm in 5th, the nut backs off, allowing the gear to get cocked on the shaft and eventually slide down to where it doesn't engage, leaving you with no 5th gear. For more info, try: Look in the various discussion forums, there has been a ton of discussion on this issue.


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    I have run my 4500 swap for 100k++ miles since 1995,
    using the Advanced Adaptors kit (no flywheel at back of 4500 tranny)
    (stock 350 engine/GM NV4500 w/o balancer/NP205/Dana 60)

    It does not vibrate actually, but it does rattle the splines between the
    4500 and 205. When I pull the trailer there is no spline rattling. But when running
    light w/o trailer,
    the splines rattle back and forth, and it does kinda sound like a vibration.

    The rattle happens when you lift the gas pedal, and there is no deceleration torque
    on the drive line. This gives the mating splines between the 4500-205
    a chance to rattle around against each other causing wear. The flywheel (it seems to me) is
    there to keep the splines pressed together better during the coast/decel transiton.
    NOTE: this is just my personal GUESS!

    It gets worse over time due to wear.
    The 4500 I installed in 1995 is now removed because
    the output splines are 75% worn. I was hearing a bad metallic slap from the
    driveline, and so I thought the 4500 needed a new needle thrust bearing
    (which typically causes excessive mainshaft end-play in the 4500)

    Turns out it wasn't a bad brng. It was the worn output splines, combined with
    the worn input splines on the 205!

    Next idea...Repair by replacing output and input splines with new parts.
    Fill the space between the splines with silicone rubber (after first
    coating both with a mold-release agent). Maybe the mass of the 205
    input gear, if rubber coupled this way, would stop rattling against the 4500?
    I dunno. Ideas?????

    I suspect the new NP205 parts being sold out there are coming from foreign sources.
    It is possible the QC on spline tol could make this problem worse.
    The last 32 spline 205 input shaft I bought from DTI came in a generic
    white box with no markings on the box, or the part. Maybe this contributed
    to my spline wear experience. I dunno.

    BTW, I have had the 4500 OD nut back itself off once in all these miles.
    This is not a big problem. You only lose OD 5th.
    Loctite 271 and impact wrench w/special socket fixes it. I was told by
    John White that BBC dulleys pulling heavy trailers have problems with
    the 4500s mainshaft thrust roller brng. Another reported 4500 woe
    is oil flow to input bearing. Saw this myself only once on a Dodge Cummins
    29 spline version.


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