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    I was wondering if any one out there could give me some information about after market seats and seat belts. I like the looks of this seat "". Do I have options for a harness with this seat? If so how could you mount it to the truck? I have e-mailed a few people and not gotten the information that I was looking for. Besides the looks I like that this seat folds forward like the stock seats do so some one could actually still get in the back. I do not have a roll cage right now, and I’m trying to avoid anything that would make so that only a gymnast could get in the back of the truck but on the other hand I’d like to get a harness set up for safety.
    Let me know if you have any info.


    As a side note I just finished rewiring my alarm last night. I soldered all of my connections and put all of my equipment in less then obvious places and could not be happier. When I had it initially installed at Auto Werks, they told me that they soldered all of their connections and I asked them if they could hide the brain.
    Well they used about 12 crimps and my brain was right behind the light switch. I had a motion detector added and it was right by the steering coulomb and my secondary battery, in case the main power was cut, was mounted to my gas pedal.
    They used some super glue that I had in my truck and put it in back on my consol and the cap was not on tight so there is a permanent glue mess on my consol, and when I pulled off to go home the gas pedal would not come back up on it’s own, because of the zip tied battery addition, I had to put my foot behind the gas pedal in order to lift off the gas. It was scary when I was leaving the parking lot and had no clue as to why my truck was moving right along with no assistance from me; luckily there was no accident.
    The bad part about it was that I know they can do good work but they sure tried to @$#^ me over.
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    The only way to properly do 4 or 5 points is a cross bar shoulder high on a roll cage. No roll cage no way to get the belts mounted correctly. Now you do not have to go from side to side with the cross bar. You could put a vertical bars with a short cross bar and a open area between the seats. the rear seat people would have to swing between the seats and if your willing to loose the center box then would not be that bad.

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