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    I am new to off road. Could you give me the details on how you got 495lbs out of a 6.2. I would like to do an diesel build up like yours. I have the same heavy duty 6.2 that you have. I just need to know where to start. Thanks for your time.
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    You should send him a personal email, it may take a while for him to see it here.

    If you do see this, you should put the details up on a site somewhere so it's available as a source.

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    Finally, I'm back from spring break and saw, along with this message, about 5 million other mails. In response to M1009's question about big mean torque numbers, it's easy. Just spend about two years and a large bit of every month's paycheck and you'll get whatever it is that you are looking for. In general, take a good 6.2L block and heads, B&B, go .030 over, 19:1 compression, gear drive, Gale Banks turbo and exhaust, and prepare the transmission accordingly.

    Realistically, while my flywheel torque was very high, the engine blew chuncks of black smoke at the lower RPMs. It turns out that the output metering on the HiPo DB-2 injection pump was turned way too far. I readjusted the pump settings to allow for spotted black smoke at 2700 RPM, and with that have about 450-460lbs ft. This is non-intercooled right now, but when I do the upgrade I'll let y'all know.

    As for a website, I have neither the time nor the knowledge to make one. Solitaire can get a little intimidating sometimes. Thanks for your interest, and feel free to emial me at if you have any other questions.

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