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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by darkshadow, Jun 19, 2006.

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    I have to try to stay up as late as i can because tomorrow night i have to go to oshawa, aboot 2 hours from here and work at night ripping out and replaceing all the windows in the town hall.

    the things are huge.

    I dont mind night work, I like it atualy, but my boss is an ass, does not give us any notice of what work we are doing now i am out of town for a week with hours notice.

    this is how much of a dick he is, last week he showed up to a site I was at and out of the back of his truck he droped a box of stainless antitamper torx screws, they dunped out in to the gravel, he dident see and left, my co workers actualy saw the screw on the grond and dident give two ****s about it.

    i saw them, check the box and saw the shipping logo with our company on it. and picked all the screw out of the gravel and put them on his desk, he told me they were speacl order and cost 1800$$$$!!!!!! for the box I was blowen away, ans said I saw sure glad i picked them up, he said yeah me too.

    thats it not so much as a thank you.

    you know why the dutch wear wooden shoes?

    keep the wood peckers off there heads!!

    kjnow any more dutch jokes?

    wooden shoes.
    wooden head.
    wouldent listen.

    just filling in time........

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    Your boss sounds like a dick for sure. I would probably snap and cut him into small pieces with an axe and drop his remains in roadside trash cans as I drove across northern Ontario.:wink1:

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