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    i'm getting a rear wind deflector sent to me, and i want to mount it once.
    my exhaust is duals straight out the back, so i can't drive with my rear window open.
    i'm thinking i'll mount it just above the roofline, because i want to channel airflow from over the roof down, creating a high pressure area, right? that will create a vaccuum at the top, pulling air from the interior, right?
    or do i disrupt the flow more on the vertical plane of the rear of the truck?
    just checkin'....

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    Look at a 'burban and see how they mount it. I'm sure thats how you will want to mount yours as well. FWIW, if you are getting a stock "spoiler" you don't have much of an option on where to mount it, due to the pedestals they come with. 'burban ones fit the K5 fine.

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