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Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by fortcollinsram, Feb 18, 2002.

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    The pulley on my AIR pump on my 87 wobbles really bad...I have a few questions about this lovely SMOG device...

    First, what exactly do they do? I was under the impression that the inject air into the air filter assembly and the exhaust manifold to help burn unburnt fuel...Is this correct?

    Also, are there any adverse affects of taking the belt off the pulley and drving w/o the pump hooked up for a while?

    What could the wobble be Caused by? Possibly a warped pully or bent shaft? Thaks for the help guys and gals...


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    I don't recall exactly where it gets air from and where it pumps it into, but you are basically right on the principle, I believe (that confidence for ya or what?!?).

    You can run without it hooked up without noticing anything. I had mine disconnected (no belt) for a while and now there is no evidence my rig was ever equipped with it.

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    You're pretty well on the money.......Unless emissions are a concern where you live, you can yank that sucker off and remove the steel lines that feed into both exhaust manifolds as well as the rubber distribution lines and check valves. Just take everything off and plug the manifold holes with 3/8"(I think) threaded plugs. You will your clean up your engine bay and gain a couple of horsepower because you'll be eliminating a pulley.......

    I've had my AIR system removed for about 5 years. Up here we don't have any smog laws to worry about.

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    It injects air into the exhaust stream, to provide oxygen that will ignite with any hot, unburned fuel. Since you live along the Front Range of Colorado, you have to have to pump to pass emissions. When they plug your VIN into the computer, it tells them what to look for. So it will list the air pump as something that has to be there and working. It won't hurt anything other than the air to run without it for a while.

    However, I've heard of people that ran with the pump belt off for a year or two, then when they had to reinstall the belt, the internals of the pump had corroded and it wouldn't turn any more. [​IMG] So they got to buy a new pump. [​IMG] So if you unhook it, take it off and figure out what's going on with it pretty quickly.

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