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    OK I am looking for a system that will do the following. It will be going in a 2003 Crew Cab with the Diesel. It has Power windows and Factory keyless entry.

    2-Remote Start
    3-Roll up all windows and close the sunroof when alarm is arms
    4-Would like all of these functions on the same remote
    5-Is asking it to operate my garage door opener from the same key fob to much
    6-Need something with a long rang in the Remote. Maybe an RF signal

    Anyone know of one system that will do all of this? Or will I have to get multiple systems. The biggest thing is I would like everything on the same remote.
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    Mar 30, 2002
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    Code Alarms will do all that except open/close your garage door. You might need to get a add on component to roll up the windows, but I like Code Alarms alot. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LX
    Remote Start & Security System

    General System Features:

    * Two 4-Button Remote Controls.
    * Anti-Code Grabbing Deterrent.
    * Labeled Functions on Buttons.
    * Activates pre-Set Heater / AC Controls.
    * Flashes Parking Lights.
    * Safety Shut-Off.
    * Shuts Off After Pre-Set Time.
    * Basic Factory Alarm Disarm.
    * Integrates with VATS / PATS Alarm.
    * Locks Doors with Ignition On.
    * Unlocks Doors with Ignition Off.
    * Uses up to 4 Remote Controls.
    * De-activate Lost Remote Control.
    * De-activate Lost Remote Control.
    * Illuminated Entry.
    * Illuminated Exit.
    * Controls Power Door Locks.
    * Controls Power Trunk Release.
    * 500 Foot MaxRange Antenna.
    * Controls Rear Window Defroster.
    * Code Shift Protection.
    * Remote Control Valet Mode.
    * Remote Keyless Entry in Valet Mode.
    * 2-Stage Door Unlock.
    * Starter Disable.
    * Super Bright Warning Light (LED).
    * Real Panic Alarm.
    * Remote Control Panic Alarm.
    * Remote Impact Sensor Override.
    * Theft Attempt Indication.
    * SilentChoice.
    * Emergency Override.
    * Remote Control Car Finder.
    * Remote Control Head Light Activation.
    * 30 Second Alarm Sounding Duration.
    * Arms Automatically or by Remote.
    * False Alarm Prevention Circuitry.
    * 125-decibel Siren.
    * IR-s Impact Sensor.
    * Warning Sound upon Light Impact.
    * Lifetime System Warranty.
    * $1,000.00 Theft Protection Guarantee.
    Installation Features:
    * All options Remote-Programmable.
    * Long Locks.
    * Plug-In Port for VIK-1 / PIK-1.
    * Diesel Compatibility.
    * No-Tach Mode.
    * Voltage Sense Mode.
    * ( + / - ) Door Lock Outputs.
    Relays on Board:
    * Starter.
    * Ignition.
    * Parking Lights.
    * Heater / High Current Relay.
    * 2nd Heater Ignition.
    * Trunk Release.
    * Illuminated Entry.
    * Starter Interrupt.
    System Options:
    * Programmable Silent Arm / Disarm.
    * Arms Automatically or by Remote.
    * Locks Doors with Ignition On.
    * Unlocks Doors with Ignition Off.

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