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    Here is the Alcan Report that LakotaJoe wanted.
    We took a week to get to Anchorage from Seattle. It can be done in 3 to 4 days, but we were having loads of fun.
    The highway was in great condition. There was only about 30 miles of gravel in the construction areas, but is was very well maintained. Most of the time we were going about 60mph over them.
    Gas prices absolutely suck. Fuel up before you cross the boarder.
    Gas prices ran as high as .889 per litre Canadian. There are just over 4 litres per U.S. gallon, I'll let you do the math.
    Get the Milepost book. It is the bible of the whole highway.
    Temperatures were between 20 and 40f and we had great weather most of the time. We were able to camp out of the back of our suburban for all but 2 nights.
    Don't pass by Liard Hotsprings in Northern B.C. We were the first to camp in the park's campground after breaking trail through about 3 feet of corn snow. Only got stuck for about 5 minutes and dug out.
    The natural pool is huge, and one end is so hot that no one enters that area. The tempuratures get cooler from one end of the pool to the other.
    If you stay in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, consider having a meal in the town center, it is very nice. We camped at Takina Hotsprings, just outside of town. This place is also worth going to.
    We wanted to cross the boarder via the Northern route through Dawson City, Y.T. (Not Dawson Creek B.C.) We were told that the ferry that crosses the Yukon River was still frozen in, but an ice bridge was still intact. We were heading out of Whitehorse when someone who I'd sought advice from indicated that the customs crossing was only open on limited days. Things didn't quite work out like I'd hoped, but at least we saved a 400 mile round-trip.
    We crossed via the Alaska Highway instead.
    The overall trip was uneventful. The truck ran well, and we even saw a cool moose skelaton lying next to the road.
    Saw lots of wildlife, (alive).
    The weather was awesome, and we had a great time.
    If you make this trip, don't do it in 4 days. Allow plenty of time for some enjoyment. There is a lot to see.
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    We took a week to get to Anchorage from Seattle. It can be done in 3 to 4 days


    My brother and I took a week to drive Troy, NY to Anchorage, AK in a week. We did Calgary-Anchorage in one shot, something like 42 hours of straight driving. In February too!

    But that was a get from point A to point B drive, he needed to get back to his business, and I was moving up to start my new job. I'd like to make the drive at a much more leisurely pace.

    Gas is expensive in Canada, but I found food and lodging to be quite reasonable. If you plan to spend much time in the 'other' country, exchange some cash at a bank, or you can use your ATM card (makes a withdrawal with fee, but the bank uses standard exchange rate when deducted from your bank account).

    Not sure which way you are headed, but if your headed to Anchorage and want to link up with a fourwheeling club, shoot me an email.

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