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    So... Some of you say... "Well Dave, how can we "Take Action" ?"
    Here is a chance for you to do just that... (Below in the Action Alert)
    Also.... March 7th is SUPER TUESDAY... Another way you can take action is to
    get out and VOTE!! Most of the New England states are included in super
    Tuesday. I'm not going to tell you how to vote or who to vote for... I will
    say that a vote for Gore is a vote for an end to 4 Wheel Drive and other OHV
    hobbies and our use of PUBLIC lands by all but a select few of very fit
    hikers. It may even mean the demise of the gasoline engine... In his book
    "Earth In the Balance", he states one of his goals is to remove the internal
    combustion engine from use by around 2020. Want more info.... go to They have an awful lot there on all the candidates. No vote at
    all is a vote for the enviro-elite...
    Read On, Get Angry, Take Action!!

    From: Clark Collins.. Blue Ribbon Coalition

    To: All Multiple-Use Recreationists:


    Tell the Forest Service not to listen to the Extreme Preservationists who
    are spreading lies About Responsible OHV Recreation!!!

    For many years, the extreme preservationist movement has stated that its
    goal is to seek a permanent BAN of responsible off-highway-vehicle (OHV)
    recreation on all public lands. They have been largely successful in
    implementing a functional BAN of sustainable forestry in our national
    forests and now they have targeted OHVs for that same fate.

    On March 9, the anti-everyone-but-me crowd is planning a national call-in
    day to the US Forest Service urging them to (functionally) BAN all OHV
    recreation on lands managed by the Forest Service. We have to upstage them
    in a massive way by preempting their strike with one of our own!

    On March 7, the Blue Ribbon Coalition, along with a number of multiple-use
    recreation and resource groups, is planning a national PRO-OHV call-in day.
    The reason for having our call-in on March 7 is because if we don't
    separate our call-in by at least one day...our legislators and federal
    agencies might CONFUSE our call-in with that of our opponents.

    This is a maximum effort campaign by our side and all of us need to make
    sure that we burn up the email, phone, and FAX lines into the Forest
    Service. Please reroute this ALERT to your own communication networks so
    that our voices will be heard by Chief Dombeck.

    Please email, phone, and FAX your positive comments about how important
    responsible OHV recreation is to millions of Americans. Be sure and tell
    the Chief about how OHV recreation relates to your family or business.

    Here are some things you might include in your comments.

    1) OHV users are protecting the environment by promoting user ethics as
    outlined by groups and organizations such as; Tread Lightly!, the Blue
    Ribbon Coalition, United Four Wheel Drive Associations, American Council of
    Snowmobile Associations, National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council,
    and the American Motorcyclist Association (list other groups in this list
    as well)

    2) OHV users contribute thousands of man/woman hours each year on volunteer
    programs that protect and preserve our natural resources.

    3) OHV users support managed recreational opportunities on Forest Service

    4) While most OHV users support the original intent of the 1964 Wilderness
    Act to protect lands untrammeled by modern man, the lands currently
    available for multiple-use must be managed and remain open for the general
    public to use and enjoy for a wide variety of opportunities.

    5) OHV users do not support the Presidents roadless directive that could
    CLOSE millions of acres of prime multiple-use recreation areas that have
    established and legal recreational roads, trails, and dispersed

    6) Tell the Chief that you want him to ask for funds to adequately support
    the Forest Services recreation and trail programs. For many years the
    Forest Service has said they support recreation but they have NOT asked for
    the appropriated monies to do so.

    Please call, email, and FAX to the numbers below on March 7th (if you can't
    get through on the 7th continue on the 8th):

    Chief Mike Dombeck
    Email: Mike.Dombeck/
    FAX: (202)205-1765
    Phone: (202)205-1661

    Again, thanks for your time and effort to promote and protect responsible
    OHV recreation on our public lands. Don't let the Sierra Club, The
    Wilderness Society, the Wildlands Center for Preventing Roads, and other
    extreme preservationist groups cast aspersions on all the hard work that
    you have done to make OHV recreation the family-oriented sport it is today.


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